Have a frame in mind? Looking for a shadowbox? We have a unique and large collection of moulding in wood and metal- floater frames, shadowbox frames, traditional, ornate, barnwood, contemporary, rustic, vintage and antique look, plain black or bright glossy red!
Mat Board

Color Mats Galore

We have hundreds of mat colors to choose from.  We use mats from leading mat board manufacturers such as Artique, Crescent, Bainbridge and Raphael. 


Besides being aesthetically pleasing, mat board has a very functional use.  Mats are used to hold the art secure and keep it from touching the glass or acrylic.  Our mats are all acid-free, with options for full archival cotton for original art and priceless items.


Multiple Choices of Glass and Acrylic

Choosing the correct glass type is important for the conservation of your piece but also a design-based decision.  We offer conservation glass in clear, non-glare, and anti-reflective Museum glass, all of which block 99% of UV rays to prevent fading.  Each glass type offers a different reflection.  We can help you decide which will be best for your home or office.

Assembly and Mounting
We understand the correct mounting techniques and the best materials for your project. We provide non-invasive options for conservation mounting to keep your art safe and beautiful for years to come. Put your project in our hands and we'll deliver promptly and professionally.

Interactive Design Tool by Larson Juhl

Now you can see what your framing design will look like before framing begins!  Larson Juhl has an exciting feature on their website that shows you a virtual representation of your final product. You can upload your own image or browse thousands of art prints from Artaissance, choose a mat color then choose a frame.  This tool is easy to use and most of all useful and fun!

Click here to begin using the Interactive Design Tool.


Custom Framing
Linen Mats

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